cinzia schincariol

Cinzia is an artist and performer who has worked extensively nationally and internationally. Cinzia was part of the ArmatureLIVE (2015) live art project produced by Acess 2 Arts. She was supported by Arts South Australia to present SCOMODO alongside collaborator Matt Shilcock at the little Conference (Melobourne 2015) and Choreolab (Adelaide 2014). She was part of the Cuerpo en divenir (Murcia/Madrid 2014) and of You dont know how lucky you are directed by Alessandro Sciarroni for the Biennale Danza Venezia 2014. Cinzia was dancer and translator (Spanish, French and Italian) for inclusive dance residency project Urban Feral by Nita Little with Dreamtime Company presented at Avignon Off in 2014, and was part of the instant composition project Sala De Espera (Murcia 2014). She has performed Commedia dell Arte as a member of Commedia con Corinna Company. Se was part of the Dublin youth dance theatre company from 2000 to 2002.

Cinzia is a dance and movement therapist and senior educator working for a variety of programs across the state.

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