Heather Frahn

September 15th, 2010
Heather Frahn Performing in Belgium

Heather Frahn Performing in Belgium

Heather Frahn started playing guitar and singing in early childhood. Amazingly, she has never had a music lesson or officially studied music. She grew up in a farming community isolated from most musical learning opportunities. Instead she would listen to her mother’s records and learn to sing and play them “by ear”. The lack of any formal music training brought Heather to discover music directly ‘from the heart’ and not the head; and it’s in this special way that she continues to present her music.

Creatively prolific, her music has seen her travel around Australia and internationally. Heather’s numerous CD releases have received critical acclaim and airplay on Australian radio. Her sound design and original compositions have featured in South Australia’s finest theatre and dance companies including Restless Dance Theatre, Urban Myth Theatre, Leigh Warren & Dancers and Vitalstatistix Theatre Company. Heather was music composer and performer for Restless Dance Theatre shows Headlong 2001 & 2002, Proximal 2001, Starry Eyed 2003 & 2004, and The Laminex Man 2004.

She started recording with computers and making experimental audio art in her home studio in the late 1990’s, with one of her first pieces made up entirely of sounds from her washing machine! Heather has produced arrangements with acoustic instruments, found objects, spoken word as well as beats, loops, digital sounds and the human heart beat! This combination has infused musical soundscapes and compositions not unlike Bjork, Nitin Sawhney and Colin Offord.

Heather has won several awards including Young Citizen of the Year, inclusion in the Who’s Who of Australian Women book, and Most Outstanding S.A Female Vocalist and Solo Artist Awards.

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