bedroom dancing 2009

Bedroom Dancing was directed by Steve Mayhew and was a promenade installation that allowed the audience to circulate among 15 different bedroom spaces distributed around the theatre, arranged as if they were in an art gallery.

The works were structured to a strict set of timed soundtracks and were loosely divided into 5 x 10 minute loops representing the 5 stages of sleep culminating in a choreographed finale in ‘Stage 5 – REM SLEEP.’

The works had elements of intimacy through to grand gesture and the audience was invited to adjust their personal viewing relationships with the works as they wished; by standing, sitting on the benches provided or walking / wheeling through the designated areas to view them.

Performed May 2009 at the Queens Theatre, Adelaide as part of the Come Out 09 Festival.

Supported by The Australian Festival for Young People.

Bedroom Dancing won an Outstanding Achievement in Youth or Community Dance at the prestigious Australian Dance Awards 2010.

DIRECTOR  Steve Mayhew
DESIGN   Gaelle Mellis
SOUND ARTIST  Jason Sweeney
LIGHTING DESIGN  Ben Shaw / bluebottle 3
VIDEO ARTIST  Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart

‘…a depth and intimacy that is engrossing.’  Matt Byrne  Sunday Mail,  17 May 2009
‘…certainly one of the Restless Dance Theatre’s finest achievements’  Alan Brissenden Radio Adelaide, May 2009

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