Emanuelle Russell

Emanuelle’s journey in the world of dance began at the tender age of 3, alongside his cousin Ella. This early passion evolved into a lifelong commitment to the art of movement.

Throughout her school years, Emanuelle’s love for dance continued to blossom, eventually leading her to become a part of the vibrant Restless community. Interestingly, she discovered Restless through one of our talented Emerging Artist tutors, Bonnie.

What Emanuelle finds most exhilarating about being a member of the Emerging Artists ensemble is the opportunity to showcase her remarkable flexibility and technique while collaborating within a group dynamic. Dance isn’t just an art form for Emanuelle; it’s a path to staying fit and healthy.

In the classroom, Emanuelle is encouraged to think ‘outside the box,’ fostering his creativity and innovation.

As for her aspirations, Emanuelle has her sights set on Flinders University, where she plans to pursue a degree in media. Acting and soccer hold a special place in her heart, and he envisions a future as a soccer referee or even a renowned coach.

Beyond her time at Restless, Emanuelle is an avid soccer and AFL enthusiast. Sports of all kinds captivate her interest. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find her indulging in his two favorited stress-relievers: savouring delectable chocolate treats and immersing himself in the calming world of colouring.


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