Stacey Southam – executive assistant

Introducing Stacey Southam, Executive Assistant at Restless Dance Theatre, a professional with a decade-long career in Allied Health Administration and Management.

Before becoming an integral part of the Restless team, Stacey garnered valuable experience, dedicating ten years to the field of Allied Health Administration and Management. Her journey has equipped her with a robust background in customer service and team management, making her a seasoned professional in the intricacies of administrative operations.

Bringing her wealth of experience to Restless Dance Theatre, Stacey has assumed the role of Executive Assistant, where she plays a vital role in providing administrative and project management support across the entire organization. Her keen organizational skills, coupled with a commitment to excellence, contribute to the seamless functioning of the team, ensuring that Restless can continue to thrive in its mission and projects.

Stacey’s dedication to her role reflects her passion for supporting and enhancing the operations of the arts community. Her unique blend of expertise, coupled with her commitment to excellence, makes her an invaluable asset to the Restless Dance Theatre team, where her contributions extend beyond administrative tasks, playing a crucial role in the overall success of the organisation.


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