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Rest with Restless
The Restless Dance Theatre Bequest Program

Restless artists enliven and diversify Australian dance.

Led by Artistic Director Michelle Ryan, one of Australia’s foremost dance artists, Restless Dance theatre creates high quality real, raw and uninhibited dance theatre. It is Australia’s leading dance theatre company working with people with and without disability to collaboratively create outstanding inclusive dance theatre informed by disability. our artists may not fit the stereotypical dancer image butit is in their difference that we see their astounding beauty and vigorous creativity.

Restless has developed a way of working that produces unique, distinctive and very striking dance through a process that nurtures the creative voices of the performers, artists and participants. We offer life-changing opportunities for young people through exposure to high quality arts experiences andsignificant professional development opportunities. Our hope is to continue to transform lives, touch audiences, inspire greatness and help to shift perceptions about disability well into the future.

Making a bequest in your will is a thoughtful way to ensure that the vital work of Restless Dance Theatre continues for a long time to come.

We invite you to consider nominating Restless Dance Theatre in your estate planning. your gift, large or small, will help us to secure a bright future.

Making a bequest to Restless Dance Theatre is very simple

If you already have a Will
you can make a minor amendment to your Will by adding a codicil (a supplementary document to your exiting Will) or by updating your Will completely to ensure clarity of intention.

If you do not currently have a Will
To make a Will you must seek professional advice from a Solicitor. they will assist you to put a Will in place that gives you the opportunity to direct how your estate is distributed to
people/organisations that are important to you. This will provide you and your family with security and peace of mind.

Talk about it
We encourage you to seek your own legal advice and talk with members of your family when you are considering your gift.

Types of Bequests
you may choose to make a specific bequest – a gift of a particular amount of money or a particular percentage of your estate.
You may choose to make a residual bequest – a gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses and other specific bequests have been paid.
Gifts can be made in the form of funds or property in the form of real estate or shares.

Information/Wording for your bequest
The full legal name of the company is: Restless Dance Theatre Inc.
195 Gilles Street, Adelaide SA 5000
ABN – 67 255 633 917

Suggested wording:
“I give and bequeath to Restless Dance Theatre Inc., 195 Gilles Street, Adelaide, South Australia, ABN 67 255 633 917, the sum of
$_______________ or ___________%
(or _________% of the remainder of my estate), to be used for the general purposes of the company at the discretion of the CEO, Artistic Director and Board of Directors”

Let us know
Please do let us know if you have made a bequest to Restless Dance Theatre and provide us with as much information as possible. This enables us to thank you for your kindness and acknowledge your support as well as allowing us to plan for the future.

We respect your decision should you wish your bequest to remain anonymous. We will happily keep you abreast of our activities whilst respecting your anonymity. If you are happy to be acknowledged, we will do so by recognising you on our website and as part of our annual report and making sure that you are the first to know of our special events. Acknowledging and celebrating our donors in this way encourages others to give too.

Use of Funds
Funds gratefully received by Restless Dance Theatre from bequests will be thoughtfully directed in the most valuable and effective way possible and may be invested to create
perpetual income. All funds will be used to support the company’s artistic programs and operations.
Making a bequest to Restless Dance Theatre is very simple.

If you would like to talk to someone about making a bequest please contact:
Nick Hughesr
Company Manager
Restless Dance Theatre
or phone 08 8212 8495

Download Bequest Information

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