advertiser review guttered

Advertiser Review Guttered


Dance / AUS  FESTIVAL  Kingpin Norwood  Until March 14

Unconfined by borders – be they physical, mental or societal – potential is allowed to flourish in Restless Dance’s Guttered.

A bowling alley might seem a long way from the rarefied spaces so often associated with dance, but Adelaide’s acclaimed Restless Dance Theatre is no ordinary troupe.

A bowling alley combines a game of skill, of almost infinite possibilities – pitch, release, the degree of relaxation, and so much more – with the certain safety net of the gutters, ensuring the ball can never go too far.

In Guttered, the seven-strong company play free in a blissfully unrestrained, frequently joyous romp. A strike is great, but who cares if it’s a gutter, or even a foul?

Win or lose, it’s all okay. Because it’s in being unconfined by borders, be they physical or mental – or societal for that matter – that potential is allowed to flourish.

The audience can’t help but be imbued with the feel of the piece, seated right in amongst the action, some even enlisted to have a bowl themselves.

The stamp of Restless artistic director Michelle Ryan looms large, especially in the sophisticated partnering, and the subtle precision of hand and arm movements that so often complete a line, but also in many of the more playful moments.

There are many magical moments, not least an ingenious bowling ball with a life of its own. A first-rate production team includes rehearsal director Larissa McGowan, set and costume designer Meg Wilson – a great retro look – composer Jason Sweeney and lighting designer Geoff Cobham.

Guttered is both affirming and assertive, and an absolute delight.

Peter Burdon

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