The Company has recently completed a very exciting Creative Development of Rewards for the Tribe directed by Chunky Move Artistic Director Antony Hamilton. The work is a three way collaboration with Candoco Dance Company in the UK and Chunky Move in Melbourne.

This was an extraordinary professional development opportunity for the three Restless dancers with disability who form part of the cast of this new work.

  • They were able to significantly improve their skills through being able to work with a choreographer of Antony Hamilton’s expertise and experience
  • They expanded their own expertise and experience through the opportunity to collaborate with the Candoco dancers and creative team
  • They gained valuable experience of touring in a fully professional setting
  • They were recognised by their peers at Chunky Move and Candoco as fully professional dancers

Antony Hamilton handled the artistic collaboration of the dancers with considerable skill and expertise and laid the groundwork for future Creative Developments. There was a showing of aspects of the work created which was presented at the Warwick Arts Centre on Friday 24th May. Key presenters were invited to this showing including Julia Carruthers, Programme Director at the Warwick Arts Centre who has been a key contact in the establishment of the project.


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