Felecia Hicks

Felecia Hicks, a seasoned choreographer, performer, mentor, and dance educator, brings over two decades of professional experience to the vibrant dance landscape of South Australia. With a commitment to creating work that speaks a universal dance language, Felecia’s artistic vision aims to resonate with audiences on a profoundly human level.

As a performer, Felecia is a key collaborator in Sally Chance‘s Dance Company, lending her talent to acclaimed productions such as This [Baby] Life, Nursery, Touch & Go, Seashore, Flower꽃, and Wonder. Her performances have transcended borders, gracing stages at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the ThinkArts Festival in Kolkata, India, the Imaginate Children’s Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the New Victory Theater in New York. She has become a fixture at major children’s festivals across Australia, captivating audiences with her artistry.

Beyond the stage, Felecia extends her artistic reach into the realm of Arts in Health. She passionately works with groups of women experiencing post-natal depression, utilizing dance, song, and live music as transformative means to reconnect with their babies.

With a belief that art should be inclusive and accessible to all, Felecia dedicates herself to mentoring and educating young people. Her vast teaching experience spans institutions such as the University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium, Temple Christian College, Scotch College, Terry Simpson Studios, Norwood Ballet, Tasdance, Ausdance South Australia, Elayne Cherry, and Tsoying Senior High School in Taiwan.

Felecia’s collaborative spirit shines through her dedication to developing her skills through artistic partnerships. She thrives on the dialogue with artists from diverse disciplines, viewing collaboration as a natural process to exchange ideas and realize her artistic vision. For Felecia, collaboration isn’t merely a process—it’s a journey from the beginning of creative development to the seamless realization of a performance. This approach allows each artist involved to learn from one another, exploring new ways of interacting with different art forms and venturing into exciting and uncharted artistic terrain.

A holder of a Bachelor of Dance with Honours from The University of Adelaide since 1999, Felecia Hicks stands as a beacon in the dance community, embodying the belief that art is a shared experience that transcends boundaries and speaks to the hearts of all.


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