Jack Tailor

Introducing Jack Tailor: A Journey of Artistic Passion and Resilience

Meet Jack Tailor, a vibrant force in the South Australian art scene, fuelled by an unbridled passion for creativity and the arts. Currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Art) at Flinders University, Jack is not only an emerging visual and performance artist but also a beacon of inspiration within the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities.

From the earliest days in his small country town on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, Jack exhibited a natural inclination for art. His journey began with imaginative expressions in the dirt of his backyard, using his hands as tools to shape and draw, sensing an innate uniqueness in his creations even as a toddler.

Throughout his schooling years, Jack’s artistic prowess flourished, marked by entries in various art competitions and the receipt of merit awards. The sanctuary of the art class provided him with energy and freedom, becoming a space where he could clear his mind and explore the boundless realms of his imagination. Jack credits the unwavering encouragement of his art teachers for fostering positivity during these formative years.

At the age of 18, Jack relocated to Adelaide, facing the challenges of self-discovery, late diagnosis of a neurological disability, and personal mental health battles. In the face of adversity, art became Jack’s therapeutic outlet, offering a mental release and a physically soothing experience. His preferred mediums include acrylic paint on canvas, textures, mixed media, and intricate fine-line marker drawings, each piece encapsulating a moment in time, laden with emotions.

Determined to pursue his lifelong passion, Jack has completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at ACARTS in 2022, where he immersed himself in the fundamentals of art practice, art history, and business planning. Jack revels in the opportunity to work with diverse art mediums, constantly expanding his skills and techniques.

Despite facing challenges in his academic journey, Jack’s tenacity and resilience shine through. With an adult diagnosis in hand, he sought support from art teachers and fellow students, breaking through barriers to not only produce assignments but also create intricate art pieces. Now, Jack is poised to realise his dream of teaching and mentoring art to young people, embodying the spirit of inspiration.

Recently, Jack showcased his incredible talent in the DOWNPOUR October 2023 performance at My Lover Cindy’s, programmed by Restless Dance Tutor Bonnie Williams, aka Santosha Storm. Jack is also a notable participant in the SALA Festival, further solidifying his place among the local artistic community.

As part of Restless’ inResidence program, Jack, with his ASL, has contributed to the rich tapestry of the local art scene. Through his journey, Jack Tailor stands not just as an artist but as a testament to the transformative power of art in overcoming challenges, embracing diversity, and following one’s true passion.


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