Roz Hervey – Creative Producer

Over the last 32 years Roz has performed for numerous dance, dance theatre and theatre companies including; One Extra Company, Sydney Front, Dance North, Theatre of Image, Sue Healey, Meryl Tankard Co, DV8 and Force Majeure. With these companies she has toured extensively throughout Australia, Europe and South East Asia.
She has choreographed for numerous theatre companies including Brink Theatre Co, Slingsby and Patch Theatre Co. From 2001-2012 Roz was Associate Artist with Sydney’s Dance Theatre Company, Force Majeure.
From 200-2016 Roz was as a Co-ordinator and Director/Producer for numerous Festivals and Events including; Adelaide Festival, Come Out, SA day, Bundaleer Sunday Walks. Roz was Director of the Adelaide Fringe Parade from 2013 – 2016. In 2011 she was the Performance Program Director for Cirkidz, SA Circus Centre.
Roz is currently Creative Producer for Restless Dance Theatre and continues to work as a lecturer for Flinders Drama Centre and as a Movement Consultant and Dramaturg with South Australian Independent Theatre Companies.



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