Sarah-Jayne Howard

With a dance career that spans over two decades in the vibrant landscape of Australian Dance, Sarah-Jayne Howard stands as a luminary figure, having made an indelible mark on the world of movement and expression. Since her graduation from the New Zealand School of Dance, Sarah-Jayne has journeyed through a diverse and illustrious career, collaborating with some of the most esteemed choreographers and dance companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Sarah-Jayne’s unique physicality and artistic vision have left an enduring impact on the dance scene. Her repertoire includes collaborations with renowned choreographers and companies, such as Meryl Tankard’sAustralian Dance Theatre, Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move), Kate Champion (Force Majeure), and Gavin Webber (dancenorth), to name a few. She has graced stages across Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States, showcasing her artistry and passion for movement on the global stage.

A member of the ground-breaking Splinter Group, Sarah-Jayne played a pivotal role in the creation of the internationally acclaimed dance theatre work “Roadkill,” earning four Greenroom Awards, including Best Dancer. Her outstanding contributions to the arts were further recognized with the prestigious New Zealand Arts Laureate, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the world of dance.

From 2018 to 2021, Sarah-Jayne served as the Associate Artistic Director of Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), working closely under the mentorship of Garry Stewart. During her tenure, she contributed to the creation of numerous new works, provided guidance to ADT dancers, and took on the responsibility of overseeing the ADT Youth Ensemble and learning program. Her journey with Garry Stewart’s Australian Dance Theatre began earlier with Garry’s company THWACK!, where she was an original dancer, contributing to the creation of iconic pieces like “Birdbrain,” “Plastic Space,” and “House Dance.”

Since June 2023, Sarah-Jayne has brought her wealth of experience and expertise to Restless Dance Theatre as the Public Program Executive in Education Outreach. In this role, she continues to inspire and enrich the dance community, fostering creativity and inclusivity through innovative programs and outreach initiatives.

Sarah-Jayne Howard’s dedication to the art of dance, coupled with her commitment to education and outreach, exemplifies a career marked by excellence, creativity, and a profound impact on the cultural landscape.


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