Counterpoise, an international collaboration with Korean and Australian artists.

Counterpoise traverses’ continents to bring together an exciting creative team. Restless Dance Theatre’s award-winning Artistic Director Michelle Ryan, 29Dong Dance Theater’s, Artistic Director Sunyoung Lee and the Korean Music Project’s Composer and Producer Sngkn Kim, and 8 dancers with and without disability to create a distinct dance theatre work. With so many opportunities for connection and exposure to different cultures, our separate identities have started to blur at the boundaries. The ease in which we can communicate, has helped to highlight our similarities and our differences. Counterpoise asks the question, what is our universal culture? Are we heading to a tipping point of a vastly similar human experience, irrespective of the lines that divide us?

Executive Producer – Restless Dance Theatre
Creative Producer – Roz Hervey
Assistant Producer – Zoe Gay

UniSA Business Connect2Abilities
Co-Producer – Dr Boram Lee
Co-Producer – Professor Ruth Rentschler

Artistic Team
Artistic Director – Michelle Ryan
Assistant Director – Larissa McGowan
Assistant Director – Sunyoung Lee
Assistant Instructor – Youngchan Kim

Darcy Carpenter, Yeonhee Cho Michael Hodyl, Minsoo Kim, Myeongji Lee, Alexis Luke, Sangseo Park and Madalene Macera.

Michel Noble, Jianna Georgiou & Charlie Wilkins (understudy)

Korean Music Project
Producer – Sngkn Kim
Company Manager – Yool Lee
Artistic Director – Sunwha Lee

Dr. Boram Lee and Jiwon Catalina Kim

Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity. Robert Alan (American writer, artist and social activist; 1922-1978)

 Restless Dance Theatre is an Australian dance theatre company working with 7 dancers with and without disability led by Artistic Director, Michelle Ryan, artist with disability.  Their artistic voice is loud, strong and original. Restless invigorates, influences and diversifies dance by creating innovative and highly distinctive works of dance theatre. Restless is a place where diversity is celebrated, and all artists thrive creatively.

29Dong Dance Theatre, based in Seoul, is a contemporary dance theatre company led by choreographer Sunyoung Lee. 29Dong, strives to fulfill the motto “contain the times with an awakening consciousness,” and prioritizes those living contemporaneously. The company promotes artistic value and makes work that share lives while breathing art. 29Dong works with dancers with and without disability.

Korean Music Project is a project-based music company. They are pioneers, creating a new genre of music by embedding digital technology into their music practice. The company aims to share their musical expertise to further social innovation and to become ambassadors for Korean culture worldwide.

Duration: 60 mins
Age Suitability: All ages
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