Photos by Matt Byrne

Photos by Matt Byrne

Photos by Matt Byrne


Knock knock, Niina marni, Ding dong. Welcome.

A door is a portal to imagination, and you have the key. Join two friends on an extraordinary journey to dream worlds, where up is down, tiny is huge and the impossible is made possible. Each time the door opens a new world emerges.

An Alice in Wonderland style adventure through a child’s mind, Home bursts from the stage and into the audience. Meet mythical creatures, hear secret thoughts, and see your drawings brought to life in this immersive theatrical experience.

Wondrous, inventive, and bold, this Patch Theatre and Restless Dance Theatre collaboration explores the marvel of imagination and what it means to belong.

Daisy Brown
Geoff Cobham
Geoff Cobham
Michelle (‘Maddog’) Delaney
Michelle Ryan
Zoë Dunwoodie
Bhodi Hudson
Temeka Lawlor
Charlie Wilkins
Stage Manager
Katya Shevtsov
Sound Designer
Sascha Budimski
Technical Designers
Alex Hatchard – Technician
Chris Petridis
Prop Makers
Jimmy Dodd
Elias Ppiros (Artist in Residence)
Jason Sweeney
Costume Designer
Renate Henschke
NIDA Design for Performance Student Placement
Ruby Jenkins


2022 Cast
Zoë Dunwoodie
Bhodi Hudson
Charlie Wilkins

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