seeing through darkness 2020

Seeing Through Darkness is an exciting new work directed by Michelle Ryan. The work is an immersive experience within the Art Gallery of South Australia and is inspired by the works of French expressionist Georges Rouault.

The creative team includes: Geoff Cobham, one of Australia’s most celebrated lighting designers, Meg Wilson who also designed Restless’ award winning production Intimate Space and musicians Hilary Kleinig and Emily Tulloch, both previously part of the Zephyr Quartet.

This … significant piece makes the strongest possible claim for the restoration of full funding to this nationally and internationally important ensemble.
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Seeing Through Darkness is presented in partnership with the Art Gallery of South Australia who have mounted an exhibition of Rouault’s works. The performance takes place within the gallery in the context of the exhibition.

View the performance here

Michelle’s Starting Point

There are many facets that create the human experience. Some are vibrant flashes of joy and achievement while others are the lingering remains of pain and loss. But ultimately, what do we leave behind?

There is an unusual beauty to the work of Georges Rouault. The imperfect form of the body and the troubled soul of the work, resonates with how people with disability can feel and be perceived.  Some may be confronted while others may see beauty and difference.

Outside of performance times, visitors are able to transform the space themselves – by means of their own shadow, cast in vibrant colour in overlapping arcs on the gallery walls.

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