Welcome to Restless Dance Theatre’s Education Outreach Program!

Restless Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading dance theatre company working with people with and without disability. Our artistic voice is loud, strong and original. Restless invigorates, influences and diversifies dance by creating innovative and highly distinctive works of dance theatre. Restless is a place where diversity is celebrated, and all artists thrive creatively.

Restless has many ways your school can connect with our organisation, whether it’s through the creativity of a dance workshop, the anticipation of watching a live performance, or the knowledge gained through sessions with our industry professionals.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer several different workshops through our Education Outreach Program that can be customised accordingly to the needs of your students and you. The workshops are designed to encourage participants to express themselves creatively, develop problem-solving skills, challenge themselves physically, and inspire them to dance, all within a supportive and professional environment.


Our workshops introduce participants to the ‘Restless Dance Theatre Method’ which combines physical devising techniques and contemporary dance. In each customised workshop, participants will be able to powerfully express themselves through movement, regardless of experience level, allowing them to push beyond their perceived limitations. Participants will develop creative self-expression, build confidence, stimulate imagination, improve body awareness, and most importantly have fun, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Restless Dance Theatre is committed to making dance accessible to everyone. Our workshops are designed to meet access needs and individual differences and can cater to groups with and without disability. Our staff are highly trained and can adjust workshops to cover all neuro-diverse, learning and physical differences.

We can customise a program that suits you and your students, whether it be a one-off event or a series of differing workshops. These can be adapted to suit your school or environment, whether that be those with dance experience (including performing arts subjects and SACE Dance), or those with no dance experience at all.

A standard workshop is approximately 60 minutes and can extend to 2 hours depending on needs and time availability.

Restless Dance Theatre classes will challenge, engage and inspire your students regardless of their previous dance experience or learning environment.

  • Creative Movement / Devising Workshop
  • Company Repertoire
  • Teachers Professional Development – Creating Accessibility in Dance
  • Contemporary Technique (Introduction/ Intermediate/ Advanced)
  • Masterclass with Artistic Director Michelle Ryan
  • Online Workshops

Please contact our Public Programs Co-Ordinator for further enquiries:


(+61) 8212 8495

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