The Restless Dance Theatre Class Program participants will discover their creative abilities and learn basic dance techniques. These classes involve creating movement in a safe and fun environment where the participants’ ideas become dance. No experience is necessary, just the desire to take part. Classes are open to people with and without disability and are led by highly experienced tutors in an accessible space. Participating in the classes provides therapeutic benefits which encourage independence and inclusion. Participants gain confidence, life-long friendships, and potential career pathways in the arts.

Catering for participants aged 8 to 55, there are multiple positive outcomes have been reported through our class program evaluation reports which are:

Physical – improved fitness, coordination, range of movement, sensory integration and body awareness.
Social – a sense of belonging. Development of interpersonal and relationship skills within an inclusive yet supportive environment.
Emotional – Restless is a safe place where dancers can express and process complex emotions and learn to manage thoughts and feelings.
Intellectual – Restless dancers develop their working memory, imagination, generation of ideas, concepts and sequencing events.
Artistic – through the artistic process, dancers develop powers of creativity and their imaginations are stimulated.
Professionally – Restless pays the company dancers to train and perform.

Click the links below for individual class information:

Links for people aged 8-14 ;

Central for people aged 15-26;

Junction for people aged 27+

Restless is a dance company makes work informed by disability; it is not a disability organisation that provides art therapy. Nonetheless, the dancers and their families, friends and supporters identify as part of the Restless family and dancing is often the most important activity in their lives.

 Judging from me, dancing is like freedom.
The emotions the feelings of movements. It’s very important in my life. Restless is my life, it’s my faith, it’s my DNA. I want to do this in the future. I want to be part of the Restless family forever. It’s made me who I am. Michael Hodyl – Company Dancer with disability

WATCH Restless class participant, Jayden to discover more about the Restless classes.


Classes can be claimed through NDIS Core Support – community social and recreational.

For more information or to book a free ‘Come & Try’ class, contact our Program Coordinator  Zoe Gay


Restless Dance Theatre Class Program is proudly supported by Arts SA, Perpetual Trust and James & Diana Ramsay Foundation.

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