Breaking Barriers: Our CEO Julie Moralee Among South Australia’s 50 Most Influential and Inspiring Women Over 50

In a recent accolade by The Advertiser/Sunday Mail, South Australia’s 50 most influential and inspiring women over 50 were celebrated for their remarkable contributions across various sectors. We are proud to announce that our very own CEO, Julie Moralee, has secured her place among these distinguished leaders. This recognition not only highlights her achievements but also emphasizes the importance of breaking the ‘invisible at 50’ barrier that many women face in their careers.


A Storied Career in Entertainment and Major Events:

Julie Moralee’s illustrious 30-year career kickstarted in the entertainment industry, where she worked with industry giants such as Universal, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Music. Her journey led her to major events, contributing significantly to prestigious arts festivals like the Come Out Festival, OzAsia Festival, Our Mob Festival, Adelaide Guitar Festival, and the Adelaide Fringe. Moralee’s roles spanned marketing, brand management, and business development, accumulating an impressive portfolio of over 250 marketing campaigns for various independent arts companies.


Leadership at Restless Dance:

In 2019, Moralee took on the role of Marketing and Development Manager at Restless Dance, a renowned inclusive dance company. Her impact was undeniable, leading to her appointment as the Chief Executive Officer in 2022. This transition marked a new chapter in Moralee’s career, where she continues to steer the organization towards innovative heights.


Community Engagement as Vice-President:

Moralee’s commitment to the community extends beyond her professional duties. She serves as the Volunteer Vice-President for the East End Adelaide Coordination Group, showcasing her dedication to fostering collaboration and growth within the local community.


A Beacon for Women Over 50:

The recognition of Julie Moralee as one of South Australia’s most influential women over 50 is a testament to her resilience, leadership, and dedication. Her story, along with three other remarkable women, challenges societal norms and proves that women should not be considered ‘invisible’ as they reach the age of 50. Moralee stands as a beacon of inspiration, paving the way for others to break barriers and redefine expectations.


Julie Moralee’s inclusion among South Australia’s 50 most influential and inspiring women over 50 is a source of pride for our company. Her journey from the entertainment industry to leading a prominent dance company showcases her versatility and dedication. As we celebrate her achievements, let us also recognize the importance of challenging stereotypes and creating a workplace where women continue to thrive, regardless of age. Julie Moralee’s story is not just hers aloneā€”it’s an inspiration for every woman striving to make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

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