Meryl Tankard and Regis Lansac have returned to Restless during October for a further 2 week development of Zizanie – new touring work. Zizanie is a French word that means mischief or chaos. Stirring up trouble. Mess around, mess about. It also means “weed”. But weeds are just flowers in the wrong garden. And trouble starts when the guy next door thinks he always knows best. In his garden, order comes first, there’s no place for weeds, or trouble, or fun.
But take away the fun, the disruptive, the zizanie, and soon you won’t be able to walk on the grass, play with a ball, or be the person you are. If we kept out all that is wild, unruly and disruptive, what a sad place that would be.
We can build a wall to keep out the zizanie but life will find a way in. And life, in all its forms, is beautiful.
With abstract Auslan narration and an idiosyncratic movement language the work explores how joy is found in being true to who you are and not in what others want you to be.
With evocative imagery and enchanting illusion, Meryl will work with multi-award winning designer Jonathon Oxlade and visual artist Regis Lansac to create a whimsical world where this mesmerising tale for the whole family can unfold.
Zizanie will be suitable for 8 years old and up with broad appeal, especially those interested in contemporary performance, dance and inclusive work.
Meryl is working with a cast of six Restless Dancers: Chris Dyke, Dana Nance, Jianna Georgiou, Kathryn Evans, Michael Hodyl and Michael Noble. Larissa MacGowan is working as Assistant to the Director.

(Image features Meryl Tankard, Michael Noble and Chris Dyke. Photographer: Regis Lansac)

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