Michelle Ryan featured in the December 10-11 2022 edition of The Advertiser’s SA WEEKEND, where Ryan shared her Saturday ritual. Read it below.

What time do you wake up on a Saturday?

Sleeping is hands down one of my all-time favourite things to do. In an ideal world I could sleep until 3pm, but Saturday mornings are for 9am coffee in the East End followed by a 10am pilates class.
Local coffee haunt?
I love Mister Pigeon, it has the charm of the ol’ corner shop, great food and some of the best coffee in Adelaide. It is very close to the Restless studio with a takeaway window, so it’s easy for me to wheel down to grab a coffee.
Best spot for date night?
Somewhere dark and somewhere with lots of wine. Maybe ditch the date and spend it with my friends instead. Adelaide is filled with bars to explore. Bar Peripheral on Pulteney St and Hotel Olivia on Hutt are my go-to gems. If you haven’t been to either of them, it’s worth making the effort. They make you feel like you have stepped into one of the major cities in the world.
Favourite takeaway?
Because I live in the heart of the city, I have the privilege of being surrounded by a plethora of amazing choices. My favourite has to be laksa or dumplings, it’s really mood dependant.
Favourite pub/bar to catch up with friends?
My favourite place to catch up is LOC Bottle Bar. its relaxed vibe is the place for me to unwind, either with friends or on my own.

What’s your idea of the perfect Saturday?

Pilates, friend catch-ups, little bit of shopping, a family zoom, and drinks flowing by 3pm.
Best thing about your neighbourhood?
I would have to say the people. I just love living in the city. Being close to everything work, bars, amazing restaurants, shopping, green parks, and the galleries. Because I am a local, I have friends at many places. Some staff will greet me with theatrical arm gestures that you might see on stage (I’ve been perfecting their technique for years). Where and when do you exercise? Well… my arms get a workout every day but I do join the Restless company class training three days per week, and some might say I’m a little addicted to my pilates class.
Best hidden treasure in South Australia?
The old lady who busks in the mall, who dances with fans to old and strange music, gives me joy every time I see her.
What is your favourite spot to holiday in South Australia?
I’ve lived in South Australia for 10 years but being a wheelchair user and not driving can be limiting, so I haven’t explored as much as I would have liked. South Australian beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

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