Kerry Jordan – InSchools Program

Kerry’s journey with Restless began during her 3rd Year as a BA Dance student, where she was fortunate to be mentored by the company. Immersed in dance classes and facilitating sessions with Arts in Action, Kerry began leading. Following her graduation with a BA in Dance and a Diploma of Education (Dance Methodology), Kerry’s professional trajectory led her to Canberra Dance Theatre and working as an independent artist before delving into dance education within schools.

It was during her time as a dance educator that Kerry discovered her passion for inclusive practices, especially for students with diverse needs. This ignited a mission to promote accessibility to the arts for all students, regardless of disability. Transitioning to Queensland, Kerry continued her mission by embedding inclusive teaching programs in Performing Arts-focused schools.

Returning to Adelaide, Kerry dedicated the past two decades to dance education in South Australian schools, shaping the next generation of choreographers, dancers, and academics. Her commitment to teaching excellence earned her the role of Australian Representative at the International Dance Teachers Conference in Covent Garden, London.

In 2023, Kerry embarked on a new chapter with Restless as a tutor with Junction. Recently, she relished the opportunity to collaborate with Emerging Artists to craft innovative works. Now part of the Restless team’s Education Outreach Program ‘Restless InSchools’, Kerry champions the accessibility of dance and theatre for all individuals.

She takes immense pride in working alongside former students turned Emerging Artists and working in a supportive and collaborative environment. Kerry is thrilled to contribute her expertise to the vibrant team at Restless, as they continue to push boundaries and redefine inclusivity in the arts.


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