Radhe Osborn -marketing manager

Radhé, a highly skilled and versatile marketing professional, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role of Marketing Manager at Restless Dance Theatre.

A trained photographer in commercial photography, Radhé’s academic journey includes graduating from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Media, Major in Marketing. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for a dynamic career in marketing and content development.

Radhé’s proficiency in marketing was honed during their time as a content developer for the University of Adelaide’s Professions hub, where they worked on two significant projects. In Project 1a, Radhé curated alumni career stories, contributing to the university’s website and future enrolment campaigns. This allowed her to develop her interview skills and meet some of the high profile alumni from the university in a professional setting. In Project 1b, they focused on gathering and showcasing compelling student experience stories, interviewing current students to highlight their journeys and successes. This project also allowed her to showcase her photography skills which lead to being a contractor for the universities future events. Additionally, Radhé played a crucial role in Project 2, identifying and developing content for relevant Executive Education courses, amplifying their reach through social media channels.

In 2019, Radhé made a significant impact as part of the marketing team at Holden Street Theatres, contributing to the most profitable and highest ticket sales year in the theatre’s history. Their successful publicity campaign for the Fringe opening night, combined with innovative guerrilla marketing tactics, played a pivotal role in boosting last-minute sales from the city to the suburbs. The efforts resulted in multiple weekly awards and three major awards at the Fringe Awards Night.

Radhé’s diverse experience extends to Three D Radio, where they initially participated in the community access program for young people, ‘Youth FM.’ Post-graduation, Radhé assumed a mentoring role, guiding new students in radio production and broadcasting. Their passion for film also led to the creation of the niche film podcast ‘Under the Couch’ on Radio Adelaide, in collaboration with fellow university alum.

From 2020 to 2023, Radhé served as the Marketing and Comms Creative for No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, contributing to the success of this Adelaide-based professional theatre company dedicated to performers with disabilities. Radhé’s biggest highlight during this time was the success of MY WAR a production from world renowned director Paulo Castro. Working with MESHA through State Theatre South Australia was a pivotal moment for their marketing career in the Arts.

Since August 2023, Radhé has taken on the role of Manager for Restless Dance Theatre, bringing their extensive marketing background, creative flair, and dedication to the inclusive and dynamic world of dance.

Radhé’s multifaceted experience, strategic mindset, and creative prowess position them as an invaluable asset to Restless Dance Theatre, ensuring continued growth and success in the realm of marketing and communication within the arts.


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