Ty Buhagiar

Ty Buhagiar embarked on his artistic journey through Restless Dance Theatre’s transformative workshop, Links, during his formative high school years. His unwavering passion for dance and unwavering commitment to this captivating art form propelled him to Central PM’s advanced class. In 2022, he was bestowed with a special invitation to join the esteemed ranks of Emerging Artists.

As a dedicated member of Emerging Artists, Ty has discovered an empowering platform to hone his dance skills and cultivate unshakable self-confidence. He thrives on the challenges presented by his art, viewing each one as an invaluable opportunity for personal growth.

Ty’s ultimate aspiration is to ascend to the prestigious position of a Restless Company dancer. His dreams encompass the thrilling prospect of global travel, crafting mesmerizing performances, and leaving a profound and lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Beyond the dance studio, Ty finds boundless joy in an array of activities. He is an avid runner, an adventurous culinary experimenter, and occasionally immerses himself in the exhilarating worlds of hiking, biking, and swimming.

Ty tutors Links on Saturdays, our dance workshop for 8 – 14 year old, with and without disability.


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