Exposed explores the intimacies that constitute our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our traumas, our desires, our failures.

Michelle Ryan says, I recently had an experience as a person living with disability where I was made to feel very vulnerable in the public space. I felt overwhelmed with fear and distress at the lack of empathy shown. I initially showed my vulnerability but quickly realised the situation required me to show strength. What happens when your usual defences are challenged? Do you stay and fight? What’s your fallback?

It is only when we let ourselves be vulnerable – exposed – that people can see who we really are. When we share our full humanity – flaws, beauty, strengths, and weaknesses – we allow people to love us and accept us for who we truly are. Hilary Kleinig

Exposed, directed by Michelle Ryan, will reunite the successful Seeing Through Darkness team, and will bring together an evocative score by Hilary Kleinig and Emily Tulloch, sublime lighting by Geoff Cobham and a stunning cast of diverse Restless dancers. The work explores vulnerability, uncertainty and risk. In Exposed the breath is a metaphor for feeling threatened or safe, agitated or calming. The use of the sonic possibilities of the breath will be explored as part of the audio and score.

Creative Team
Michelle Ryan – Director
Larissa McGowan – Assistant Director
Hilary Kleinig and Emily Tulloch – Composers
Geoff Cobham – Lighting Design
Meg Wilson – Costume Designer
Roz Hervey – Creative Producer
Dancers – Darcy Carpenter, Jianna Georgiou, Michael Hodyl, Alexis Luke, Maddy Macera, Michael Noble, Charlie Wilkins