Guttered - restless Dance

Photo by Shane Reid

Two people stand against a pitch black background and in direct lights with their eyes closed, cradling each other's faces.

Photo by Shane Reid

Guttered - Restless Dance

Photo by Shane Reid


In the spirit of their 2017 Festival smash hit Intimate Space and 2020’s beautiful Art Gallery work, Seeing Through Darkness, Adelaide’s unique, multi-award winning company Restless once more deliver, as their manifesto delightfully puts it, “unexpectedly real dance theatre”, this time in a ten-pin bowling alley.

When did you last go bowling? Are you a little rusty? Perhaps a beginner? How would you feel if gutter guards and ramps were installed in advance to prevent any possibility of your failing to hit the pins? Well intentioned “help” that smothers potential growth is something people with disability encounter all too often. Denial of the dignity of risk is one of many themes playfully explored in this witty and intelligent new work.

You enter, take in the unmistakable vibe, grab your shoes, maybe some chips then go and find your team. Sitting right amongst the action, eavesdropping on intimate exchanges, barracking and getting involved in the game makes for massive, paradigm-shifting fun. Witness fights, love duets, get showered with popcorn, maybe have a shot yourself and face glory or shame. It’s a surprisingly emotional experience with a message to take home.

Guttered reassembles the entire Intimate Space creative team, directed by the recipient of the 2020 Australia Council Dance Award, Restless Artistic Director Michelle Ryan.

“Michelle Ryan has slowly and steadily developed both the artistic and the
physical capacity of the company…to this nationally and internationally
important ensemble.” – The Advertiser

“The accomplishments of the company under Ryan’s direction are
astonishing.” – Dance Australia

Director Michelle Ryan 

Assistant Director Josephine Fitzgerald 

Music Soundscape Jason Sweeney 

Lighting Designer Geoff Cobham 

Designer Meg Wilson

Technology Developer Heidi Angove

Rehearsal Director Larissa McGowan

Creative Producer Roz Hervey

CAST Brisbane Festival 2022 Season

Darcy Carpenter, Jianna Georgiou, Michael Hodyl, Alexis Luke, Madelene Macera, Rowan Rossi, Charlie Wilkins.

FOH Performer Ashton Malcolm


Michael Noble

CAST Adelaide Festival 2021Season

Kathryn Adams, Jianna Georgiou, Michael Hodyl, Alexis Luke, Michael Noble, Charlie Wilkins.

FOH Performer Ashton Malcolm

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