Private View

4 Rooms, 4 Diverse Experiences, a new work directed by Michelle Ryan.

Audiences will peep through holes in the wall or glimpse a scene through gauze. The ‘fly on the wall experience’ will give audiences a glimpse into the Restless dancer’s private worlds revealing their romantic dreams and hidden desires.

In this environment the dancers become subjects; seemingly unaware of the attention, they do and say what is truly on their mind. Audiences are invited to be voyeurs, privy to intimate scenes that twist their attitudes around sexuality and disability.

“Prejudices still surround the issue of sexuality of people with disability. Engaging in intimate relationships is a very important aspect of human life. However, the subject of people with intellectual disability having romantic dreams and sexual desires is still a taboo subject. People with disability have the same needs.” – Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director.

Coupled by incredible South Australian Cabaret musicians including the charismatic Carla Lippis this work will be an intimate and raw exploration of what our dancers dream about and hide from the outside world.”

It’s not the first time Restless Dance Theatre has taken performance out of the theatre – its most recent work, Guttered, was presented in a bowling alley for the Adelaide Festival, Seeing Through Darkness, was presented at the Art Gallery of SA, and its sold-out 2017 Adelaide Festival show, Intimate Space, was staged in the Hilton Adelaide. In this case, a series of voyeuristic rooms become the setting.

Michelle Ryan
Carla Lippis
Renate Henschke
Lighting Designer
Matt Adey
Rehearsal Director
Larissa McGowan
Creative Producer
Roz Hervey

Information for Presenters

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