Ecoute Pour Voir / Listen to See

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most surprising.” MOONEY ON THEATRE

Ecoute Pour Voir – Listen to See One duet and five-seven solos, scattered in space and dancing simultaneously. Equipped with headphones and an MP3 player, one dancer and one audience member share a three-minute choreographic exchange.
Audience members can experience different intimate performances by moving from one dancer to another, but they can also enjoy the totality of a shifting and dynamic ensemble from a distance.

Collaborating companies
Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe – Montreal
Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils – Montreal
Restless Dance Theatre – Adelaide
Résonances, Agence de spectacles

Quote from the Directors
Roz and I saw Ecoute Pour Voir at CINARS 2018 and were taken by the intimacy and the generosity of the dancers. This one-on-one performance also taps into the voyeuristic nature of observing the exchange as part of a large group. Each audience member responded so differently, some getting involved in the dance and some watching totally entranced.

In this new incarnation of the work, Emmanuelle and Mai(g)wenn choreograph six new solos and one duet on 8 of the Restless dancers. I am excited by the artistic exchange and bringing artists together who have lived experience of disability but who are not defined by their disability. Strong messages can be sent amongst the subtlety of this beautiful experience.
Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director of Restless Dance Theatre

ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR is a flagship project for our organization by virtue of its artistic quality and inclusive dimension. We were extremely excited to share our vision and approach with Restless Dance Theatre. This organisation, it’s clear to me, embodies the fundamental values required to decompartmentalize the strict relationship between the artist and his or her work. My hope is that this collaboration will broaden the human being’s relationship with the world, art and the OTHER.
Emmanuel Jouthe, Artistic Director of Danse Carpe Diem / Emmanuel Jouthe

This encounter with Michelle and Roz as well as the opportunity to create ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR was exactly the kind of project the company was looking for. This project allowed us to develop significant connections with partners working towards the same goal, which is to give a real place to those called “atypical” professional artists and therefore show the importance of having a diversified cultural scene.
Maïgwenn Desbois, Artistic Director of Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils


Co-Production by
Restless Dance Theatre, Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils and Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe

Creative Team
Choreographic concept developed by
Emmanuel Jouthe
Artistic Director
Michelle Ryan
Assistant Director
Larissa McGowan
Meg Wilson
Costume Designer
Roz Hervey
Creative Producer