Shifting Perspectives



Enter the expansive mirror-maze of this immersive dance and art installation. Stand transfixed as dancers weave around the 24 mirrored plinths, light swirls and sound pulsates.

A reality-bending meditation on bodies of light, and the lightness of the body. Guests are encouraged to meander through the mirrored labyrinth, where roaming, shifting, and drifting can alter your point of view.

Once inside the maze, witness how the tables turn as you transition from observer to observed. Stationary dancers scattered throughout the maze paradoxically appear to move, while moving performers seem to remain still. As the mirrors turn and reality around you bends, you’ll ask yourself how your perception influences your actions towards others and how their perspectives might shape your self-image.

Part riddle, part revelation, Shifting Perspectives challenges your assumptions and proves that nothing is as it initially appears. It’s time to immerse yourself in the ingenuity of acclaimed spatial artist Matthew Adey (Dark Mofo’s House of Vnholy) and the celebrated work of Restless Dance Theatre. Emerge with a new way of looking at the world.

“The moving mirrors will enable the dancers to control what the audience see and challenge the audience’s viewpoint. Shifting Perspectives is an immersive experience that asks the audience to contemplate how a stationary body can become a moving body and vice versa. Playing with perception this work will turn reality upside down.” – Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director.

Director Michelle Ryan 
Concept and Lighting Design Matthew Adey – House of Vnholy 
Sound Design Sascha Budimski 
Costume Design Renate Henschke 
Assistant Director Larissa McGowan 
Assistant Director Josephine Fitzgerald
Creative Producer Roz Hervey

Bhodi Hudson
Bonnie Williams
Charlie Wilkins
Darcy Carpenter 
Jianna Georgiou 
Michael Hodyl
Sidney Debba 

Front of House Performer
Astrid Pill


Walsh Bay Arts Precinct 2/3 Event Space, 13A Hickson Road, Sydney | Book Now

“The production… expanded and stretched our reality.” – ArtsHub

“The perfect Illuminate Adelaide event, Shifting Perspectives provides an escape into an alternative space where the two dimensional expands into three, perhaps even more, providing the respite needed in these speeded-up, conflicted days. Highly recommended.” – InReivew

Duration: 60mins
Age Suitability: All ages
Educator Notes: Education Resource
Information for Presenters

This work was originally commissioned and presented by Illuminate Adelaide 2023 and made possible through the generous support of James Darling and Lesley Forwood, the Restless Donor Circle, Australia Council for the Arts, Arts South Australia, and the BankSA Foundation.


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