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Intimate Space

Intimate Space is the Restless show in the Adelaide Festival in March 2017.

We are delighted to be included in the festival and will be presenting a promenade performance in and throughout many of the spaces found within the Hilton Adelaide hotel in Victoria Square in the heart of the city. You will be able to check in with your fellow guests and be immersed into a poignant and at times hilarious imaginative environment.

On this travelling adventure, the Hilton’s sophisticated bar and luxe rooms with views are contrasted by the stark undertones of the nooks and crannies of its back-of-house operations. Guided by an evocative soundscape by Jason Sweeney, the physical conversation takes a similarly diverse journey. Witness a tender and cheeky duet in a private room, then an urgent physical explosion in the loading dock. All looks neat and tidy but what is going on behind the scenes of these emotional dance vignettes?

Challenging themes of visibility, authority, self-worth and relationships, the dancers will ask you to uncover meaning in the delicately crafted movement. Intimate Space is both elegant and humorous, be surprised and enchanted by this exquisite performance experience.

Audience numbers are strictly limited for Intimate Space with each performance limited to 10 people. So book early to avoid missing out!

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