intimate space 2017

Intimate Space is a series of experiential site-specific solo and duet works of dance theatre presented within a hotel.

2017 Ruby Award Winner!
Arts Innovation and Enterprise
2017 Adelaide Critics Circle Award Winner!
Group Award (Professional Theatre)

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“Brilliant theatrical ideas don’t always translate into successful 
performance. Intimate Space does.”
– The Australian

“By turns tender and provocative, Intimate Space invites us to contemplate questions of public and private activity in a work that is insightful, touching and compelling.”
– Arts Hub

“Each vignette is a moving experience, some poignant, some comical but with a deeper meaning underneath…a remarkable work”
– Broadway Now

“Intimate Space is exquisite, daring, compelling, profound, thrilling, funny, cheeky and sweet.”
– The Advertiser

On this traveling adventure, a Hotel’s sophisticated bar and lush rooms with views are contrasted by the stark undertones of the nooks and crannies of its back-of-house operations. Guided by an evocative soundscape by Jason Sweeney, the physical conversation takes a similarly diverse journey. Guests witness a tender and cheeky duet in a private room then an urgent physical explosion in the laundry. All looks neat and tidy but what is going on behind the scenes of these emotional dance vignettes?

Presented in the transient spaces of a working hotel, unsuspecting guests unknowingly form the backdrop to the performance by going about their everyday business.

Challenging themes of visibility, authority, self-worth and relationships, the dancers ask you to uncover meaning in the delicately crafted movement. Both elegant and humorous, be surprised and enchanted by this exquisite performance experience.

The Restless dancers are charming, engaging and unique. The individuality of the artists is a major strength of the company. They may not fit the stereotypical dancer image but it is in their difference that you see their beauty and creativity. Audience members are surprised, perplexed and enchanted by the exquisite performance experience.


From Michelle Ryan – Artistic Director of Restless Dance Theatre

Hotel spaces have always intrigued me; rich with private stories and intimate exchanges but existing within the public realm. I have frequently been touched by the tenderness and surprised by the intensity of people’s connections that I have seen while sitting in the hotel bar or lobby next to my home.

I see people watching these private moments too, bringing their own stories to each situation they witness. Sometimes seeing themselves in what they see.

So, I’m a voyeur. I can’t help but look at people and I’m aware that people look at me too – because I’m different to them. Perhaps they are trying to find a way to see themselves in something or someone unfamiliar to them?

The show is an invitation: to look… or look away?

Director Michelle Ryan
Assistant to the Director Josephine Were
Composer Jason Sweeney
Lighting Design Geoff Cobham
Costume Design Meg Wilson
Project Manager Roz Hervey
Performers Restless Dance Theatre dancers and associate artists

Intimate Space was supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body, the South Australian Government through Carclew and Arts South Australia and Hilton Adelaide

Presented by Restless Dance Theatre in association with Adelaide Festival

Limited capacity – 10 audience members per performance

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