Rowan Rossi

Rowan, an Adelaide-born dancer and performer, embarked on his artistic journey at the New Zealand School of Dance, where he immersed himself in contemporary dance, majoring in the discipline and graduating in 2015. His passion for movement and expression flourished during this time, evident in his performances in various productions, including the renowned World of Wearable Arts directed by Malia Johnston, the innovative work Karst choreographed and directed by third-year students, and memorable pieces such as Kuik Swee Boon’s As It Fades and Sarah Foster-Sproull’s Forgotten Things.

Returning to his hometown of Adelaide after graduation, Rowan continued to refine his craft. In 2018, he joined Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), a pivotal moment that propelled him onto stages across Australia, Europe, and America. During his tenure with ADT, Rowan not only showcased his remarkable talent but also contributed significantly to the premieres of influential works such as South, Supernature, G, Anthology, and The Beginning of Nature by the visionary Garry Stewart. Collaborating with a diverse range of directors, choreographers, and dancers, Rowan lent his artistry to projects including Of All Things by Alison Curry, North by Ina Christel Johannesen, Immerse by Adrianne Semmens, and the solo masterpiece Shapeless/Formless by Felicity Boyd.

Rowan’s artistic journey expanded beyond the realm of dance into the world of opera, where he graced the stages of the Adelaide Festival in 2021 for Romeo Castellucci’s rendition of Mozart’s Requiem and in 2022 for Barrie Kosky’s The Golden Cockerel.

In 2020, Rowan showcased his versatility as a dancer in Australian Dance Theatre’s innovative project, ‘The World’s Smallest Stage.’ His commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues in dance is further highlighted by his participation in Restless Dance Theatre productions. These include Guttered in Adelaide and Brisbane, the captivating ‘BÁRBAROS in collaboration with award-winning choreographer Lina Limosani at the Adelaide Festival Centre, and Shifting Perspectives as part of the Illuminate Festival in 2023. Rowan’s artistic endeavours continue to transcend borders, as demonstrated by his involvement in Restless Dance Theatre’s Exposed in 2023, touring through Sydney Opera House, regional venues, Tasmania’s Theatre Royal, and Seoul, Korea ford SIDance 2023.

Rowan’s dedication to his craft, coupled with his diverse range of performances, makes him a dynamic force in the world of dance, leaving an indelible mark on every stage he graces.


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