Sidney Debba

Sidney is part of Restless Dance Theatre’s emerging dancers. Sidney has always enjoyed music and movement and began performing in the musical and drama extravaganza’s at primary school when he was 7. He went from being part of the group to really enjoying standing front of stage. Then he began exploring roles in drama through productions at Henley High school and Company AT. Currently he is learning with No Strings Attached.

He started at Restless Dance Central workshops early in Term 3, 2019 and was invited by Michelle to join the Impulse ensemble, he continues with this today and enjoys performing with his peers. His goal is to perform on a big stage.

Sidney has graduated from high school now and is exploring creating his own music mixes with his Dj mentor. He has had an opportunity to play his unique blend of House and EDM at several community events, and been a guest on 92.7 Fresh FM radio.


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