To our Restless family of giving, every donation makes it possible for our organisation to deliver high-quality programs for our participants and to keep us dancing!

Company Principal Donors
James Darling & Lesley Forwood
Rob & Jan Tanner

Donor Development Collective

Susan Babidge
Beverley A Brown OAM
Alex Hurford
Alexandra Hurford
Boram Lee
Nicholas Linke
Alexis Luke
Jean Mathews
David Minear
Ruth Rentschler
Vicki Toovey
Caroline Treloar
Andrew & Julie van Essen
Simone Vinall


Sponsor the Dancers

Principal Donor
Vicki Toovey

In 2021, we have a 30-week program of paid work for our professional dancers, in 2022 our aim is to have our dancers
employed full-time, as is the industry standard for professional dancers.

Sponsoring a dancer assists Restless to provide industry-standard training programs, equipment, and support.


Keep Restless Dancing 2021


Hayley Baillie
Vicki Toovey


Heidi Angove
Celia Brissenden
Kate Champion
Susan Clarnette
Jess Harmer
Sam Harvey
Jennifer Layther
Boram Lee
Nicholas Linke
Nick Linke
Jeff Meiners
David Minear
Julie Orchard
George Potter
Maria Tedesco
Lauren Thiel
Maggie Tonkin
Caroline Treloar
Ronda Turley
Andrew & Julie Van Essen
Carol Vincent


Cathryn Fitz-gerald
Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson
Anne Tyrrell
Graham Bate
Andrew Wilson
Michael Basedow
George Georgiou
Jean Matthews
Darren Mounkley
Graham Baker
Vicki Toovey


Steven Bishop
Julie Bowman
Val Braendler
Tarsha Cameron
Elena Carapetis
Jane Carpenter
Janet Cheung
Janet Cheung
Elaine Chia
Mercedes Eyers-White
Catherine Fitz-Gerald
Paul Fitzgerald
Rebecca Forde
Peter Gill
Joanne Griffiths
Alison Growden
Jaimie Halliday
Scott Hannah
Marilyn Harvy
Ingrid Haythorpe
Ritchie Hollands
Karen Hunt
Briony Hunt
Melinda Hunt
Sophie Hyde
David Johnson
Annette Kerwitz
Karen Koh
Rosemary Luke
Helen Maclaren
Bryan Mason
Barbara May
Julie Moralee
Annabel Mugford
Rosemary Myers
Heather Naumann
Kate Naumann Smith
Tim O’Brien
Peter Owens
Francoise Piron
Bruce Porter
Susanna Proudman
Liz Reid
Jane Russell
Katrina Sedgwick
Ryan Sims
Johanna Somfleth
Sally Stephenson
Fraser Stevens
Bronwyn Sugars
Susannah Sweeney
Jen Thomas
Antoinette Tyson
Frieda van Essen
Carol Vincent
Jacinta Way
Helen Wilson
Tracey Winning
Robert Young


Peter Adams
Sheridan Alm
Yaël Azoulay
Rebecca Bangura
Natalie Bemrose
Sarah Bleby
Geoffrey Bradford
Libby Burns
Peter Childs
Andrew Cole
Andrew Coley
Alisoin Currie
Liya Dashkina
Michelle Delaney
Raphaelle Delaunay
Michael Deves
Maryann Doolette
Jan Ewens
Karen Fords
Jo Gebhardt
Helen Geltch
Robin Goodfellow
Paul Grebenshikoff
Anne Green
Cathy Haines
Lisa Hall
Pam Hall
Charise Haslam
Renee Haufe
Andrea Heading
Gordon Hervey
Lauren Hesselschwerdt
Alice Hoban
Patricia Hogan
Michelle Jaeschke
Kati Jenkins
Skye Jones
Sandra Kanck
Alison Kershaw
Emma Knights
Annemarie Kohn
Finegan Kruckemeyer
Jodie Lambert
Christopher Laynes
Madeleine Little
Sally Macleod
Penelope McAuley
Brenda McAuliffe
Andrew Mcgaw
Sara McMillan
Christel Mex
Karen Miller
Julie Moralee
Anthony Nocera
Vanessa Oelkers
Skye Olson
Angela Paul
Astrid Pill
Krystyna Pindral
Tim Potter
Robyn Preston
Robyn Preston
Robyn Preston
Dianne Reid
Chloe Reschke-Maguire
Deborah Rossi
Naomi Russell
Vernon Schulz
Lachlan Smith
Bec Sneddon
Ade Suharto
Emily Sutherland
Rebecca Sweeney
Anne Taylor
Ifan Thomas
Damian Turner
Richard Watts
Lauren Weir
Rachael West
Michelle Wigg
Rebecca Wigg
Carole Wiles
Michael Wilkinson
Jo Willett
Lisa Wilson
Brianna Wotzko
Deidre Wurm



Each and every one of you, we thank you for supporting us.

Julie Moralee | Marketing & Development Manager
Restless Dance Theatre
195 Gilles Street
Adelaide SA  5000
61 8 8212 8495 | 0419 366 669



Donations of $2.00 and over are tax-deductible and all will have a huge impact on our future. We are most grateful for your contribution, big or small. Restless Dance Theatre is a not-for-profit organisation based in Adelaide, SA. We are a registered Tax Concession Charity (TCC) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).



Rest with Restless…

Making a bequest in your will is a thoughtful way to ensure that the vital work of Restless Dance Theatre continues into the future. To request information or discuss the steps involved in making a bequest, please contact Julie Moralee, Company Manager, via email or phone her on 08 8212 8495.

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Restless Dance is one of a handful of Australian companies which defy pigeon-holing. The work they do with performers of differing physical and intellectual abilities is useful and heart-warming: but the point is that the work itself is exceptionally beautiful and highly skilled, often funny, and always moving.