In 2023, we created and presented some of our most prestigious award-winning work, garnering a multitude of 5-star reviews. We kicked off the year by touring Guttered to Sydney Festival—a performance that embodies original, entertaining, and thought-provoking theatre, followed by an opportunity for some bowling afterward.

We took Exposed, our show exploring what it means to be brave yet vulnerable in this fragile world, on tour for the inaugural FRAME: A Biennial of Dance. Thanks to Country Arts SA, Exposed embarked on a regional tour. Later in 2023 we headed to the Sydney Opera House, where we celebrated 50 iconic years of this world-famous venue. From one famous venue to the next, the company travelled down to the Theatre Royal in Hobart, the oldest continually operating theatre in Australia, to perform Exposed and run Restless workshops.

Restless went international! We journeyed to SIDance (Seoul International Dance Festival) premiering Exposed outside of Australia. During our time in Seoul, we filmed and performed CounterpoiseA dance film and documentary about our international collaboration with South Korean artists.

In 2023, we saw the Creative Development and premiere of our show and lighting installation Shifting Perspectives as part of the South Australian Winter Lights Festival Illuminate.

From stage to silver screen we had the premiere of Rewards For The Tribe Documentary as part of the Adelaide Film Festival.

We concluded this momentous year with the Creative Development of Private View, set to premiere in February 2024 as part of major cultural event that is Adelaide Festival.

Exposed at Sydney Opera House

In 2023, Exposed took center stage, embarking on a nationwide journey with a regional tour facilitated by Country Arts SA. A crowning moment was our enchanting performance at the Sydney Opera House during its 50-year celebrations. Our dedicated team covered an impressive 27,269 kilometres in our across the year, sharing the passion for dance with diverse audiences


Restless went International

In a momentous debut, Counterpoise graced the stage in Seoul, South Korea, marking an extraordinary international collaboration that united a dynamic team of talented performers from Restless Dance Theatre, 29 Dong, and the Korea Music Project. Amidst this cultural convergence, we achieved another milestone – the filming of the documentary counterpart, Counterpoise: Dancing Against the Odds. Additionally, Exposed captivated audiences at SIDance (Seoul International Dance Festival) and through workshops, adding a thrilling chapter to our artistic journey.


Artists inResidence 

Our InResidence program is dedicated to supporting independent artists with disabilities, First Nation artists, and LGBTQIA+ artists. In 2023, we provided $27,102.50 worth of studio hire to 69 independent artists! This successful program will continue into 2024, with applications open NOW!

Public Classes

Restless is proud to present our amazing Company Dancers, whom we pay at full award rates. In 2023, each dancer dedicated 1050 hours to vigorous classes outside of rehearsals and tours! Our talented Emerging Artists also contributed 1000 hours to classes in our professional dance studios.

  • LINKS: Our weekly class for 8-14 year olds introduced children to dance, accumulating 200 hours.
  • CENTRAL: Our class for 15-26 year olds had them dancing for a total of 1080 hours throughout the past year.
  • JUNCTION: Our class for dancers aged 27 and above celebrated a collective 400 hours.

In total, we have 57 dancers attending our private and public classes!

Restless in Schools

Restless Education Outreach Program made a significant impact by reaching 20 different schools across Australia, delivering 48 diverse workshops that engaged and inspired a total of 726 students. Through these educational initiatives, we foster a dynamic learning environment, encouraging creativity and skill development among the students.

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead. We are delighted to share the wonderful news that we have successfully secured multi-year funding from Creative Australia for our endeavors spanning 2025 to 2028. This invaluable support will undoubtedly fuel our mission to continue delivering impactful and innovative experiences.

We couldn’t have done it without everyones help and support. In 2024, we are eager to showcase a diverse array of performances, tours, and premieres that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Wishing you a happy holidays and a wonderful new year! See you in 2024!

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