Bonnie Williams

Bonnie is an emerging contemporary dancer with a physical impairment. She is trained in a number of dance styles and graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2007.

Bonnie has worked on a number of projects with various choreographers including Peter Sheedy, Aidan Kane-Munn, Xiao-Xiong Zhang and Kate Sulan.

She auditioned and joined Restless Dance Theatre during her last year at college and has performed in a number of works including The Heart of Another is a Dark Forest, a collaboration with Rawcus as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2008. Bonnie has also been a part of the Debut season 2008. She also performed in the award winning Bedroom Dancing.

As a member of the Restless classes tutor team Bonnie assists and leads various workshops and was a dancer representative board member for 12 months.

Bonnie currently leads the Central classes.


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