Charlie Wilkins

Charlie’s artistic journey with Restless Dance Theatre began in 2017, marking the inception of a remarkable partnership that has continued to flourish. His dedication to the world of performance and dance has left an indelible mark on the stage.

In 2018, Charlie made his presence felt at the Adelaide Film Festival with a captivating performance in Creating the Spectacle, demonstrating his innate talent and passion for the arts. The year 2020 saw him ascend to the esteemed ranks of The Company, a testament to his commitment and artistry.

Charlie’s performances have graced stages across Australia, including the Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney Festivals, where he left audiences spellbound in Guttered. His artistry extended to the DreamBIG Festival and WOMADelaide with Ecoute Pour Voir/Listen To See, adding another layer to his artistic repertoire. His collaboration with Patch Theatre in Home showcased his versatility and creativity, resonating with audiences who were fortunate to witness his talent.

Charlie has embarked on the Seeing Through Darkness tour, captivating audiences with his performances. His artistic journey continued to evolve with Rewards for the Tribe, which took him not only across Adelaide and the Melbourne RISING Festival, but also to the UK. The Adelaide, Melbourne, and regional seasons of Exposed  bore witness to his extraordinary talent, captivating audiences with each mesmerising performance.

In 2023, Charlie took centre stage once again in the premiere season of Shifting Perspectives for Illuminate Festival, part dance part light experience, before performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of the 50th birthday celebrations in Exposed.

2024 started off with a sold-out season in Adelaide Festival with the premiere of Private View, before its Australian tour including Brisbane Festival. Charlie also performed Shifting Perspectives in VIVID Sydney.

Beyond the stage, Charlie’s achievements extend to the realm of sports, where he is a champion swimmer proudly representing Australia. His talent took him all the way to the World Games in Abu Dhabi, a testament to his dedication and excellence in both the arts and athletics.

Charlie embodies the spirit of creativity, dedication, and versatility, leaving an indomitable mark on stages and pools alike. His journey continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.


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